MyPath provides students the opportunity to create personalized electives not currently offered by the district. Students are provided voice, choice, and place in learning as they design a learning experience that allows them to dig deeper in personal interests, develop strengths, and pursue their passions as they explore post-secondary pathways.

To be considered for participation in the MyPath program, students must be in their senior year, on-track for graduation, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Due to the independent nature of this program and emphasis on engagement with the wider community, students must also have a demonstrated record of good citizenship.

Interested students must complete the full MyPath Application Packet including the project proposal, at least one letter of recommendation from a current AHS staff member, and verification from a curricular advisor who will support the implementation of the project. Copies of the Application Packet are available in the counseling department.

For more detailed information about the MyPath program, please contact Loren Widmer at (314)591-7535 or

MyPath Application & Consent Agreements

Project Proposal & Project Management Plan