Credit, Grading and GPA

Earning Credit

Credit is awarded for all classes that a student completes with a grade of 60% (D-) or better, unless the course is designated as one that does not earn credit.

Grade Replacement

Students may retake a course to increase their understanding of the course content and improve their grade in the course. After repeating a course the previous grade is replaced with an NC and is no longer calculated into the student's GPA.

Students must take an identical course to qualify for a grade replacement. For example, a student could not take a regular Geometry class to replace the grade for an Honors Geometry class.

All grade replacement requests should start with the student's counselor.

Grading Scale

The school year is organized on a semester basis. Each semester is divided into three six-week grading periods. Progress reports are issued at the end of each six-week term. Each grading period reflects the current total cumulative grade for the class. Only the semester grade is entered on the student's official transcript.

NC - NC may be received when a student retakes a class in order to earn a better grade. The lower grade of the 2 attempts is recorded as an NC on the transcript.

I - Incomplete: Work must be completed at the end of ten school days or grade automatically reverts to an "F", unless time is extended by the Principal.

All courses designated as Honors or AP are assigned a weighted grade.

Calculating Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average (GPA) is computed by adding the grade point values of the student's semester grades in each course and dividing by the number of classes taken. For example, if a student took 7 classes they would determine their grade point for each class using the table above and then divide the total by 7.