Schedule Change Policy

AHS provides numerous opportunities for students and parents to work with teachers and counselors during the course selection process to verify requests. We aim to work as a team in order to select the correct classes to fit every student's needs.

In order to give our students their requested and alternate (if needed) courses, we believe it is important for students to take the registration process seriously and become responsible for the decisions they make for the upcoming year.

Schedule conflicts will occur occasionally in which counselors will work with students, parents, and teachers to resolve the issue.

Changes will only be permitted for the following reasons:

  1. The student has been misplaced (the class is above/below student's comprehension level per teacher recommendation, or does not have the prerequisites).
  2. The change is necessary to meet graduation requirements.
  3. The student has already taken the class and passed it.
  4. The student had the teacher in a previous course and failed, when possible.
  5. The student has an incomplete schedule.
  6. Administrative decision that the change is in the best interest of the student.

We appreciate your cooperation and working with us to give AHS students the best possible learning opportunities through deliberate and thoughtful choices for course selection.