Advanced College Credit

Advanced College Credit

Advanced College Credit provides an opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors to begin experiencing the academic rigors of college course work. In addition to receiving credit toward high school graduation, for selected academic courses students can earn college credit.

AHS offers Advanced College Credit through Saint Louis University, Missouri State, University of Missouri - St Louis, Fontbonne University, Lindenwood, and St. Louis Community College. The programs are controlled entirely by the university offering the credit.

Students who meet registration requirements, tuition payment deadlines, and successfully complete the course, receive graded course credit which appears on a transcript from the university. Students will also receive high school credit for courses passed and all course grades will be reported on the high school transcript.

When applying to colleges students must send their AHS transcript and transcripts from all universities from which they have earned college credit. It is the student's responsibility to request college transcripts directly from the universities.

Students may choose to take these courses for college credit or only for high school credit. Regardless of the choice, the course rigor and expectations are designed as a college course and compare to the rigor and expectations placed on students enrolled in the same course on the college campus.

Each program has its own requirements, applications, and deadlines. For additional information about the SLU 1818 Program contact Heather Mayfield at 314-633-5954 or For all other college credit programs contact Marilyn Allen at 314-633-5985 or