An exam or examination is an official test that shows your knowledge or ability in a particular subject.

Students may be involved in internal and external examinations at various times throughout the year. It is essential that the school is informed of any possible absence from an examination well in advance of the date of the exam. It may be necessary for the school to ask you for reimbursement of the entry fee if a valid reason for the absence from an examination is not given in advance of the date.

Illness on the day of the examination must be reported to the school exam office as soon as possible and a medical note sent into the examination office at the earliest opportunity.

It is the aim of the Examinations Staff at Hillsview Academy to ensure the examination periods run smoothly, with as little stress as possible for our students. In order for this to happen please familiarise yourself with the Key Information and documents provided.

Examination Timetables

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GCSE and Vocational Examination Timetable - Summer 2019

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Examination Policies & Candidate Notice Information

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Candidate Exam Handbook

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