Our Academy

Our aim is to provide a learning experience that meets the needs of all students and ensure that they all progress onto further education, training or future employment. To ensure that this claim is based in reality our focus is on improving teaching and learning and assessment, rigorously monitoring student data and applying a clear and consistent behaviour policy.

KS3 Curriculum

We currently run a two-year Key Stage 3. In these two years students in Years 7 and 8 study a curriculum with a particular focus on improving levels of literacy. Students study a broad and balanced curriculum based upon their prior attainment. This more personalised curriculum enables students to maximise their progress within KS3 whilst allow them to have experiences in a wide range of disciplines.

KS4 Curriculum

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students have a core curriculum of: maths, English and science with compulsory lessons in PE and ICT.

Students have a more personalised pathway based upon their ability and interests, this allows students to be stretched to complete the EBAC as well as ensuring students are engaged in the curriculum to support their success in the future.

Period 6 & Enrichment

All students are required to attend period 6 at 2:30 if required by their teacher. This is based upon the progress being made in lessons to ensure no student is left behind. Enrichment activities are also available after the core Academy day and allow students to further develop their skill and interests in the wider curriculum.