More than 400 million people speak Spanish across the world, and with the world becoming a much smaller place due to globalisation, speaking a foreign language is becoming more and more important. Not only does it open up job opportunities on the international market but provides insight into different cultures. More and more people are travelling from the UK into Europe, with Spain being the top destination for UK travellers. By learning a language we are breaking down barriers between us and our neighbouring countries. Top universities are very keen to recruit students who have a language in their repertoire.

The main skills taught in languages are listening, reading, writing and speaking, the use of verbs, adjectives and nouns are also highly focused in language learning. Decoding and interpreting pieces of text whether it be written or spoken is an essential, and transferable skill.

Key Stage 3


Year 7 - Term 1, Meeting and greeting, identity, all about me

Year 8 - Term 1, School, hobbies, daily routine, time, film, tv, cinema, sports and hobbies

Year 7 - Term 2, School, routines, time, preferences and opinions

Year 8 - Term 2, Daily Routine, house and home, countries and nationalities, places in town, directions

Year 7 - Term 3, Food and drink, hobbies, sports, famous sporting people/events

Year 8 - Term 3, Holidays, activities and accommodation past holiday destinations, future holiday plans

Additional resources

Further information


Memrise- great for learning vocabulary and self-testing

Bitesize- A range of levels of revision material for Spanish

Key Stage 4

AQA GCSE Spanish (8698)


Year 9, Term 1 - Identity and Culture: Me, my family and friends, marriage and partnership

Year 10, Term 1 - Local, national, international and global areas of interest, home town neighbourhood and region

Year 11, Term 1 - Current and future study and employment: my studies

Year 9, Term 2 - Technology in everyday life, social media, mobile technology

Year 10, Term 2 - Social issues: charity/voluntary work, healthy/unhealthy living

Year 11, Term 2 - Life at school, education post-16, jobs career choices and ambitions

Year 9, Term 3 - Free-time activities, music, cinema and TV, food and eating out, sport

Year 10, Term 3 - Global issues: the environment, poverty, homelessness, travel and tourism

Year 11, Term 3 - Exam skills and revision

Assessment summary

4 Assessments each with a weighting of 25%

Paper 1: Listening

· Written exam: 35 minutes (Foundation Tier), 45 minutes (Higher Tier)

Paper 2: Speaking

• Conversation assessment with teacher/examiner

• 7–9 minutes (Foundation Tier) + preparation time

• 10–12 minutes (Higher Tier) + preparation time

Paper 3: Reading

• Written exam: 45 minutes (Foundation Tier), 1 hour (Higher Tier)

Paper 4: Writing

• Written exam: 1 hour (Foundation Tier), 1 hour 15 minutes (Higher Tier)

Subject Leader

Mrs L Ritchie -