We study geography to gain a better understanding of the world around us. Geography allows students to explore the world around them from the classroom, delving into foreign cultures and lands and gaining a greater understanding of them in the process. Students Learn how geography has played important roles in the evolution of people, their ideas, places and environments. Our local area is not neglected and we learn the impact geography has had on Middlesbrough, from the river Tees to the steel industry developing a mental map of their community in the process.

During both key stages students develop their writing and reasoning skills, in the process they become critical and curious regarding international issues such as climate change and migration. They are taught how to form and justify opinions on current issues such as deforestation, plastic pollution and international aid.

Geography also encompasses a huge variety of analytical and maths skills which are immediately transferable to other subjects and eventually professional roles.

KS3 Curriculum:

Students in KS3 follow a broad curriculum which ensures that they become young geographers in the making. They are taught about life on Earth and how it affects them as young people.

Students in Year 7 study a range of Geographical skills including map and atlas skills. Once we have taught the students the basics we move on to learning about wild weather in the UK and raging rivers before turning our attention to look at global issues surrounding food. We then take a trip round the Horn of Africa looking at its physical geography (the Namib Desert) and its incredible people.

Students in Year 8 continue to develop and build upon the geographical skills they learned in Year 7 by studying natural environments such as the British coastline and the Amazon rainforest. Students then progress to looking in detail at China, learning all about its food, people, cultures and landscape. In the second term we discuss population and global migration, important issues of our time before finishing off using all their skills to complete a month long project designing a sustainable music festival for Teesside!

KS4 Curriculum:

Students follow a linear course in Geography (meaning they sit all exams at the end of the course). There are 3 assessed units within the course with geographical skills embedded in all of the units:

Living with the physical environment (35% of final grade)

● 3.1.1 Section A: The challenge of natural hazards

● 3.1.2 Section B: The living world

● 3.1.3 Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK

Challenges in the human environment (35% of final grade)

● 3.2.1 Section A: Urban issues and challenges

● 3.2.2 Section B: The changing economic world

● 3.2.3 Section C: The challenge of resource management

Geographical applications (30% of final grade)

● 3.3.1 Section A: Issue evaluation

● 3.3.2 Section B: Fieldwork

Geographical skills

● 3.4 Geographical skills

This exciting course is based on a balanced framework of physical and human geography. It allows students to investigate the link between the two themes, and approach and examine the battles between the man-made and natural worlds. Students who complete the course will have the skills and experience to progress onto A-level and beyond.

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