Religious Education

Religious Education offers you both interesting and fantastic career opportunities.

It gives you the type of transferable skills Employers want.

You will learn how to investigate secular and non secular world views. (Histories, Politics, Legal Frameworks, Belief Systems, Philosophy and Ethics to name just a few!).

The knowledge gained, the experience and the discipline, gives you the opportunity to reflect, review and express your own thoughts, plus the thoughts of others.

You will be able to respond to world views in an informed way and have the ability to use and describe your evidence and reasoned arguments.

You will learn to express, evaluate and analyse your own personal responses.

True Religion is about People. It is about Equality and Diversity

You will develop empathy, self-awareness and respect for others.

Religious Education is highly regarded by Universities and all employers. Every profession, every job, every day, every person, we all communicate with other people.

In key stage 3 students study the following topics

What is religion?

What does it mean to be Muslim?

Why do some people believe in God?

How do we know right from wrong?

How and why have people suffered because of their religion? Holocaust

What does justice mean to people with a religious faith?

In key stage 4 students study the following topics

The study of beliefs, teachings and practices from two world religions: Christianity and Islam

The study of four religious, philosophical and ethical studies:

Relationships and families

Religion and life

Religion peace and conflict

Religion crime and punishment

RE is assessed in two 1hr 45min written exams.

Subject Teachers:

Mrs A Storey (Curriculum Leader of Humanities) -