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(Backgrounds of Establishment)

Our society is facing a lot of social issues such as poverty, destruction of nature, lack of effective support for athletes, animal protection etc. Some people are already taking action to address certain social issues depending on their interest, but it is not enough. It is extremely difficult for a single person to take action to address the various types of social issues, but that does not mean that he/she can ignore the social issues that he/she does not approach. Therefore, our society requires more change-makers who have passion and compassion to address and solve social issues.

In July 2015, VIA Next Innovators was founded by students who completed social innovation themed programs offered by VIA, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco. In partnership with VIA, VIA Next Innovators aims at developing a network of social innovators that will help our society and people reach their potentials. By taking such actions, we are committed to contribute to our global society.

VIA Next Innovators is in a close partnership with VIA. 

(Vision and Mission)
Our vision is to contribute to our global society by increasing and connecting social innovators in Japan.
(Social Innovators: People who help our society and citizens reach their potential through creative and empathetic action.)

Mission 1: New Participant Recruitment
Mission 2: Alumni Engagement
Mission3: Take Action

For more details, please check our outlook document attached to this page.

(Activity Locations)
VIA Next Innovators takes action in three regions, Tokyo, Kansai and Kyushu.
These are the web sites that introduces activities in each area.

Kansai (Under Preparation)
Kyushu (Under Preparation)

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