As a completely volunteer run organization, RTWB/ISF is run on passionate volunteer time and expertise. Additionally medical equipment and finances are required. Your contributions all make a difference. Thank you for your consideration of how you can 'give back'.

Method 1: Time Donation
I. Consider Sharing your story

Method 2: Financial Donation
Note: If you are supporting a specific RT mission, please include the RT's name and country in the memo of the cheque, email or notes (e.g. "James Zovski- Chad")

I. Personal cheque
    1) Please make cheques payable to
Respiratory Therapists Without Borders
    2) Please provide us your email address for sending you the tax deduction receipt.
    3) Please provide us your name and address to be printed in the tax deduction receipt.

    4) Mail to: 
Attn: RTWB/ISF Finance Department 
1 Belleville Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4E 3X9

II. Electronic Fund Transfer (e-transfer) (EFT) 
  1. Choose Respiratory Therapists Without Borders online from your banking institution of choice
  2. Email address required:
  3. Email security answer to (this way RTWB can claim funds)
  4. Please note some banks may charge $1.50 per e-transfer.

III. Online:

  1. Click
  2. Search for RTWB è Click on Respiratory Therapists Without Borders
  3. Choose a donation option (Eg Donate Now, Donate Monthly..etc)
  4. Please note that CanadaHelps deducts 3.9% from your donation as a transaction fee. Therefore to maximize your donation, please consider options I or II.

IV.  RTWB Wire Transfer 

  1. For donations  greater than $3,000.00 (because e-transfer max is $3,000.00), please send an email to  for how to proceed.

Double your donation now! Thanks to CAREStream Medical who will to match your donation dollar for dollar. That means every dollar you donate will be an equivalent of a $3 to improving respiratory care worldwide! (Fine print: Donations are matched up to $1,000 per donor and for a sum total amount of $25,000)

Method 3: Medical Equipment Donation
Note: RTWB/ISF can only accept functional equipment. If you have equipment to donate, please complete the Medical Equipment Donation form to be contacted with further instructions.

If you would like to speak to someone personally regarding a donation. Please call toll-free 1844.478.7828 and we will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you again for your support!

Finance Team