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Vision, Mission & Culture

Create a united Respiratory Therapy Culture synonymous with 'giving back'. 

Improve respiratory health through educational advancement of local healthcare providers worldwide.

RTWB/ISF is rooted in the skills, knowledge and expertise respiratory therapists have to offer the world. Together respiratory therapists from around the globe stand proudly as allied health professionals with a culture of giving back to the global community. 

RTWB/ISF is a collaborative project to educate and empower health care practitioners initiated by concerned Respiratory Therapists around the globe. The primary drive is you - the experts in airway, ventilatory and oxygen management. Respiratory therapy is at the infancy stage of our profession. As such, the time is now to set precedence and establish ourselves in the global marketplace. This is our chance to advocate for our profession worldwide. Join us in sharing our skills/knowledge/expertise with a hungry world!

Compassion: we are in healthCARE because we CARE. Together with your contribution, RTWB/ISF boasts a 100% volunteer staff while still providing quality respiratory therapy services from the heart. The RT culture is one of giving back - realizing that there is no monetary equivalent for the life-saving services we are privileged to provide.
Integrity: While there is no global regulation on the role of respiratory therapists. Representatives exercise skills, knowledge and judgement in critical situations to CARE best for the patient. With an emphasis on sustainable developments through education, RTWB/ISF representatives believe in teaching the proverbial art of fishing vs catching fish for locals. 
Innovation: Many of the deployment sites at RTWB/ISF will be severely resource limited and require creative juices, RTWB/ISF builds bridges with non-healthcare related partnerships to gain new perspectives and innovate custom solutions for local healthcare needs.