Proposal Development Tools

Proposal Components
Applications commonly include:

Project Narrative/Scope of Work - the PI is responsible for completing this portion of the proposal

Detailed Budget with Justification - the PI works with DRA and SPA to develop budget with justification

Sponsor-required forms (certifications, SF424, PHS398, FFATA, etc.) - these forms vary for corporate and foundation applications; application package for most federal agencies; the PI coordinates with DRA and SPA to complete forms.

Subaward documentation - the PI works with DRA and SPA to solicit subrecipient budget and assurance documentation from collaborating organizations that will receive subawards utilizing this form.

PSU Information for Proposals for general institution information often required for proposal submissions, such as official organization information, identification/entity numbers, assurance numbers, links to financial statements, tax exemption letter, and boilerplate descriptions of institutional resources.