Award Initiation and Setup

Once an award is accepted, it is routed among various functional units within the University and assigned numbers in the Banner Financial Information System (FIS) for capturing and reporting expenses.

Award Routing Process

PSU utilizes a Web-based system called the Award Routing Notification OnLine Database (ARNOLD) to establish awards and facilitate their processing in the Banner Financial Information system.

  • ARNOLD facilitates sponsored project award processing by transferring information between the various units responsible for different aspects of transitioning awards and subsequent amendments from award acceptance to Banner setup. 

ARNOLD notifies Principal Investigators (PIs) when awards are processed and when grant and index numbers have been assigned to an award.

To access information regarding the status of an award routing through the setup process or to obtain access to documents associated with the sponsored award (including award documents, amendments, sub-awards, PIAFs and proposals), visit the Award Routing Notification OnLine Data (ARNOLD) site.

Index/Grant/Fund Numbers

PSU uses the Banner Financial Information System (Banner FIS) to separately account for expenditures related to individual sponsored projects. Each new award is established and assigned numbers in the FIS that are provided to PIs and DRAs to charge and track expenditures for individual awards.

Typically the index number is the number PIs and DRAs need, but there are other numbers generated in the system. The names are often used interchangeably, but there is an important distinction that can impact transactions and reports. Click here for more information about Banner FIScodes and hierarchies.

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