Animal Care and Use


Link to an article entitled, "Assuring Research Integrity at PSU"

The PSU Animal Emergency Response Plan has been developed and approved by the PSU IACUC and by the PSU Emergency Response Coordinated Review.

Please download the document and complete the lab specific sections for your project.  Once the document is complete submit a pdf of the document electronically to and post a copy in your lab.

New (draft) application forms have been under development for use in the electronic records conversion project. The IACUC approved form and addenda are attached for your review and feedback. 

Addendum 1  Animal Surgeries
Addendum 2  All Category E Animal Studies
Addendum 3  Field Capture and/or Field Studies
Addendum 4  Justification for Variances
Addendum 5  Aquatic Animals
Addendum 6  Chemical Restraint (Not Pain Management)

Draft Standard Operating Procedures have been developed and are available for review and feedback.

SOP  1  Adequate Animal Care and Housing Facilities
SOP  2  Protocol Review 
SOP  3  Guidelines for Vet Care
SOP  4  Animal Care and Medical Records
SOP  5  Disposition of Animals
SOP  6  Aseptic Surgery Techniques
SOP  7  PSU Off Campus Animal Protocols
SOP  8  Multiple Major Survival Surgeries
SOP  9  Acclimation and Stabilization of Animals
SOP 10 Animals in Instruction
SOP 11 Personnel Approval for Animal Protocols
SOP 12 Tissue Use Policy
SOP 13 Determination and Approval of Minor Amendments
SOP 14 Post Approval Review
SOP 15 Animal Holding Protocol
SOP 16 Non-Compliance
SOP 17 Euthanasia of Research and Teaching Animals
SOP 18 Environment Enrichment
SOP 19 Animal Transportation
SOP 20 Use of Non-pharmaceutical Grade Substances in Lab Animals

A draft IACUC handbook  is also available for review and comment.

Please provide feedback directly to the Lorraine McConnell, Director of the Office of Research Integrity. Lorraine may be reached at or 503-725-5484.

In order to facilitate the humane use, care, and treatment of animals used for research purposes, Portland State University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees all research activities, facilities, and procedures involving animals.

OLAW Assurance and USDA Number

Portland State University’s OLAW Assurance number is A3903-01. A copy of PSU's Assurance of Compliance with Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals can be found here.

Portland State University's USDA ID number is 1050.

IACUC Application

To apply for research with vertebrate animals click here for the application. Submit the completed application to Please also complete the IACUC Contact Form. This provides the University with a list of key contacts in case of emergency or in the absence of the PI. The form is here.

IACUC Training

Faculty, staff and students conducting animal research are recommended to complete the IACUC research training available via the CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. Instructions on how to access the IACUC training modules: 

1. Access the site at
2. Click on New Users Register Here
3. Select PSU from the Participating Institutions drop down menu
4. Create username and password.
5. Choose courses/modules that reflect your specific work in animal research: 
  • The recommended course includes: Working with the IACUC
  • Some of the following options may be applicable to your research: Reducing Pain and Distress in Laboratory Mice and Rats, Working with Amphibians / Gerbils / Guinea Pigs / Hamsters / Mice / Rats / Rabbits in Research Settings, and/or Aseptic surgery modules.
Training materials are also available through the AALAS training modules.

IACUC Meetings

The IACUC meets monthly to review all proposals for research involving animals. The IACUC also performs semi-annual inspections of all facilities where animals are housed or used for research. Please contact the Research Integrity Specialist for specific meeting information at 503-725-4288.

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

To report any concerns regarding the care and/or use of animals in research at Portland State University, contact the IACUC Chair at 503-725-4239 or the Director of Research Integrity at 503-725-5484.

Guidance Documents

Regulations and Governing Bodies

Species-Specific Resources

Rats and Mice


Amphibians & Reptiles



·  Zoonoses Birds

·  Zoonoses Fish (Including Aquarium Fish)

·  Zoonoses Rabbits

·  Zoonoses Reptiles & Amphibians

·  Zoonoses Rodents

·  Zoonoses Rodents - Wild

·  Zoonoses Small Ruminants & Camelids

·  Zoonoses Wild Carnivores

·  Zoonoses Wild Ungulates

·  Hantavirus Guidelines

·  Other Risk Assessment Resources

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Please contact our office with any additional questions regarding the use and care of laboratory animals at 503-725-4288 or by e-mail at