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At this time, any continued animal activities must have a plan to manage these activities with minimal staffing and be approved by the Return to Research Committee. All activities must limit personnel and follow social distancing requirements issued by the State of Oregon.

Please visit the RGS website for the most up-to-date information related to COVID-19 impacts on research at PSU.

Portland State University’s Animal Care and Use Program and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversee all research and training activities, facilities, and procedures involving animals in order to facilitate the humane use, care, and treatment of animals used for research and training purposes. The IACUC is an ethics review committee federally required by both NIH and USDA, and the committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all related animal research and training activities.

Animal Care and Use Approval & Oversight

New Protocol Submission and Supplemental Forms

To request approval for a proposed research study or training activities involving animals, research investigators and/or faculty instructors must submit an application for review by the IACUC. A complete IACUC submission includes a completed IACUC Protocol Application and any appropriate addendums. Review typically takes between 2-4 weeks.

The IACUC initial review protocol application form and supplemental addenda are listed below. Completed form(s) must be submitted by email to Once approved, animal care & use protocols are generally approved for three years, with twice yearly animal lab inspections and an annual administrative review performed by the Animal Care & Use Program.

Initial Review Applications & Forms

Minor Amendments to Approved Protocols

Minor changes or updates can be submitted using the amendment form to Proposed changes must be approved prior to implementation.

Significant Changes to Approved Protocols

To significantly change an approved protocol, send an email to outlining the proposed changes and attach an updated protocol application using track changes or highlighted text to document the protocol amendments. Proposed changes must be approved prior to implementation.

Reporting Adverse Events or Unanticipated Problems

In the event an adverse event or unanticipated problem occurs, the following form must be completed and submitted by email to

Animal Care & Use Training

Faculty, staff and students conducting animal research or training activities are required to complete animal care and use training via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). All listed personnel must complete Animal Care & Use CITI training prior to protocol approval (CITI training must be completed within the last three years).

Visit our Training page for animal research login and training instructions.

Animal Contact Occupational Health & Safety Program

All personnel with animal contact for research or training purposes at PSU must receive an Occupational Health & Safety risk-based health assessment. PSU partners with OHSU to perform the screening online through ReadySet.

The online health assessment is designed to identify potential risks and determine the appropriate tests, immunizations and procedures to keep researchers and other animal care personnel healthy and safe. PSU provides the recommended tests, vaccines and treatments at no charge to the individual.

To enroll in the required Animal Contact Occupational Health & Safety Program, email

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Meetings

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee meets approximately once a month. Meetings are subject to re-scheduling due to holidays, university closures, no meeting quorum, etc. At this time, all IACUC meetings are hosted virtually, using an online meeting platform. Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

  • This site is updated with a meeting agenda at least one week in advance of a scheduled meeting. The next IACUC meeting is scheduled for:

      • No meetings scheduled at this time

To confirm upcoming meeting information, please contact the Animal Care & Use Program at

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

To anonymously report any concerns regarding the care and/or use of animals in research at Portland State University, contact PSU's Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline at 1-844-440-0060. Concerns may also be reported by email to

Whistleblower Protection: Employees who identify themselves and make a good faith report of suspected fraud, waste, or abuse are protected from retaliation, in accordance with the Oregon State Whistleblowers Protection Law (ORS 659A). PSU will take steps to maintain confidentiality for employees reporting suspected financial irregularities, misconduct, safety issues, or other concerns to the extent possible under the law.

Animal Care & Use Resources

PSU IACUC Governance Guide & Handbook

Regulations, Guides & Oversight Agencies

Animal Contact Occupational Health & Safety Resources

  • Animal Allergies: When working with animals, there is the potential of developing allergies.

  • Zoonotic Risk and Diseases: There are diseases that can be passed from animals to humans. This document describe these risks when working with animals.

  • Requirement for Rabies Vaccination: Anyone with exposure to carnivores or rabies-suspect species should be vaccinated for rabies.

  • Risk Assessment Tool: This Hazard Analysis Tool is on the University of California-Davis web site and provides information on the risks and health hazards associated with working with specific species.

  • Environmental Health & Safety Office: At PSU, the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHS) serves as a resource for questions regarding occupational health matters. They are available for to help if you have any questions.

  • Occupational Health and Safety In Care and Use of Research Animals: This is an important guidance document published by the National Research Council. It details the requirements of a comprehensive OHS program for institutions who use animals in research, testing, and teaching.

Species-Specific Resources

Amphibians & Reptiles



Rats and Mice

PSU OLAW Assurance and USDA Number

  • Portland State University’s OLAW Assurance number is A3903-01

  • Portland State University's USDA ID number is 1050

Contact Us

For additional questions related to the use animals in research or teaching, please contact the Animal Care & Use Program at or (503) 725-9814.