School Trips - Policy

O’Connell CBS Primary.

School Tours/Trips Guidelines.

It is school policy to bring pupils on an annual school tour at the end of the school year.

During the year, classes may be taken on walks to local areas of interest e.g the Canal Walk.

They may also be taken to visit Trinity College, as part of the Trinity College Access Prog., The Natural History Museum, the National Art Gallery and The National Concert Hall etc.

These trips/tours are not only of educational and cultural benefit but also of social benefit to our pupils.

The following procedures will be followed :

Ø The safety and suitability of the outing must be established. The Principal will be consulted.

Ø A letter outlining the details of the trip will be sent home. As part of the School Enrolment Form, parents sign a general consent form.

Written permission will be sought for all trips/tours.

Ø The school reserves the right not to include any pupil whose behaviour is deemed to be a risk to the pupil himself or others.

Equally, in the case of any pupils with medical conditions, a risk assessment will be carried out.

Ø A First Aid Kit must be carried.

Ø In order to provide a safe level of supervision, each class will be accompanied by the Class Teacher, S.N.A and the Resource Teacher assigned to that class level.

Ø Should parents wish to accompany the class, they must have Garda Vetting and will, at all times, be under the supervision/direction of a teacher.

Ø Pupils may be excused from wearing their school uniform at the discretion of the class teacher.

Ø Buses may be hired from reputable bus hire companies. Alternatively to keep costs down, local Youth Clubs such as NYP2, the Garda Community Bus and O’Connell Sec. Sch. may be asked to provide transport.

Ø The Code of Behaviour will apply.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on:

15 – 03 – 2016.

Signed : _____________________________________

Chairperson BOM.