Science Blast

The boys in OCS were at the Science Blast exhibition on Monday. This is their second year at the exhibition. The boys in our Science club were busy for weeks preparing for the event. Well done Boys

Check out our Report from Third class Boy Wesley

At first I wasn't sure about the science club but after a few weeks was really enjoying it. I heard about the Science Blast and I made sure I didn't miss a single day. We thought of a question to Answer and experiment to go with it. We finally came up with one. It was "Can we decrease pollution in the atmosphere with magnets". On Monday we had to get to school at 7:15 to make sure we caught the bus. When we got there we set up our board. We then split into two groups and one went to a show and the other one stayed. Then we went and looked at the other boards. Next people came to see us and we watched another show. We got back to school just in time to get collected. It was great fun and I loved it!