After School Clubs

O'Connell's has a fantastic tradition of running many after school clubs throughout the year. It would be hard to find a day during the week that something isn't going on after school.

With the change to our homework policy, we are putting more resources into after school clubs.

We will be running clubs for 6 week periods. With a number of different clubs, there will be plenty of opportunities for boys to try different ones.

The following clubs will be starting the week of 12th November to the 17th December 2018.

  • Computer Club

Monday - 2nd /3rd Ms McCahill and Ms Naughtan.

Tuesday -4th/5th/6th - Mr Conlon and Ms Gray.

Wednesday - 2nd/ 3rd - Ms Thompson and Ms Corcoran.

Thursday - 4th/5th/6th - Ms Clinton and Ms Kenny.

  • Table Tennis Club with Mr Gavin and Mr Griffin on Thursdays.
  • Science Club with Mr King and Mr Ledwith on Tuesdays.
  • Room 8 Games club with Mr Murphy and Ms Gannon on Tuesdays.
  • Nurture club with Ms Leavy and Ms Sheridan on Tuesday.
  • Dancing for 4th/5th/6th with Ms Colligan and Ms Byrne on Wednesday.
  • Unihoc for 2nd Class with mr O'Fainín on Wednesday.
  • Basketball for 5th and 6th with Mr Haughey and Mr Crowe on Thursday.