Droichead Induction Policy

Induction Policy

O’Connells Primary School, North Richmond Street, Dublin 1

Roll number: 17881G


Ø To guide the whole school implementation of Droichead to support the induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs)

Ø To identify the roles and clarify the responsibilities across the school community in support of Droichead

Ø To identify the protocols underpinning the Droichead process in the school

Ø To identify the documents in support of the process

Professional Support Team (PST)

The Droichead process is an integrated professional induction framework for NQTs. The main objective of the Droichead process is to support the professional learning of NQTs during the induction phase, thus laying the foundations for subsequent professional growth and learning for the next phase of their career.

Droichead: The Integrated Professional Induction Framework, Teaching Council, March 2017, p.3

The PST is a team of fully registered teachers, ideally with five years’ experience, including the principal, who work collaboratively to support and mentor the NQT during school-based induction, in the first stages of their professional journey. All PST members will have completed a programme of professional learning with NIPT, including mentor skill development. Schools may form a school PST, an interschool PST or they may invite one external PST member to join the internal school staff.

Supporting a newly qualified teacher during Droichead is always a collaborative process, although the roles and responsibilities of PST members may vary in different school contexts, and are therefore agreed before the Droichead process commences.

PST Roles:

The dual role of the PST is to:

Ø guide and advise the NQT during school-based induction, in the first stages of their professional journey

Ø form a joint declaration with the NQT that they have participated in a quality teaching and learning process

Droichead: Policy Teaching Council, March 2017, p.3,

PST Responsibilities:

The responsibilities agreed by our PST are identified in the appendix to this policy.

Our PST’s responsibilities are neither exhaustive nor prescriptive and will be reviewed in light of experience. Responsibilities directly relating to support and mentoring relate to all team members while other responsibilities are designated to a named team member. We recognise that is also important that these agreed responsibilities are communicated to the NQT at the earliest opportunity.

In support of a NQT’s Droichead process, the PST will invite the wider school staff to provide opportunities for…

Ø Co-teaching

Ø Sharing of resources

Ø Engaging in professional conversations

Ø Facilitating class observation

PST members:



Trained (year)

Siobhan O’Keeffe

PST Member & deputy principal


Ciara Naughton

PST Member & resource teacher


Tiarnan Crowe

PST Member & resource teacher


NQT/s in current school year:


TC Reg Number


Practice Period

Assigned PST Member


This policy adheres to the protocols identified in the Droichead – The Integrated Induction Framework, Teaching Council, March 2017. This policy is specifically supported by the following sections:

Ø Professional conversations: p. 5

Ø Observation: p. 5

Ø Maintaining records of the Droichead process: p. 6

Ø Concluding the Droichead process: p. 7

Supporting Documentation:

This policy is part of a suite of documents to support Droichead in the school. These documents include:

Ø PST Roles and responsibilities

Ø Droichead Outline drafted by the PST and finalised with NQT input

Ø Droichead Standards

Ø Needs Analysis/Induction plan – updated regularly in collaboration with NQT

Ø Droichead: The Integrated Induction Framework, Teaching Council, March 2017

Relevant Links:

Ø www.teachingcouncil.ie, in particular Teaching Council Standards (accompanied by our customised Indicators and Examples of School Context)

Ø www.nipt.ie


This policy will be subject to regular review in the light of ongoing experiences. The review of the policy will be led by the principal in collaboration with members of the PST.


PST Team - Roles and Responsibilities:

Ø To engage in action planning with the NQT in relation to Droichead standards

Ø To brief school staff, parents and Board of Management on the nature and purpose of the school’s involvement in Droichead

Ø To outline the PST’s role at the initial meeting

Ø To provide support for planning and preparation for teaching and learning by NQTs

Ø To clarify school policies and procedures for the NQT

Ø To work in partnership with the NQT in the classroom e.g. observing and giving


Ø To co-ordinate the induction plan and activities

Ø To organise Droichead Release Time for induction activities

Ø To ensure the Droichead Outline is current for each NQT

Ø To provide professional and pedagogical support for the NQT

Ø To liaise with other staff members in relation to opportunities for the NQT to visit/observe in their classrooms and work alongside them

Ø To work in partnership with the NQT in the classroom e.g. observing and giving feedback

Ø To liaise with Droichead Associate assigned by NIPT to support the PST and NQT

Ø To co-ordinate the overall Droichead process in collaboration with the PST members and the NQT, including communicating meeting schedules and agendas and the co-ordination of Droichead Release Time

Ø To co-ordinate the conclusion of the Droichead process with the NQT and other PST members

Ø To keep records of meetings and observation, as part of the Droichead process

Ratified by BOM on 26/2/2019