Homework Policy


We regard homework as an important part of a child’s continuous learning process. Homework should be a positive experience for all pupils. Homework is given to all pupils.

Our policy should

· Allow pupils the opportunity to revisit, revise and consolidate skills learned in class.

· Help pupils to make more rapid progress in learning.

· Involve parents and family in the pupils work to their mutual benefit.

· Give pupils an opportunity for independent learning and study.

· Encourage self motivation and initiative.

As a school we are using three websites for homework completion. Raz kids for reading, Spelling city for Spellings and Mathletics for Maths.

Raz kids is an online library where children are working off reading levels appropriate to their ability. Teachers assign activities on Spelling city each week based on the spellings for that week and children complete games and exercises based on those spellings. Teachers assign work on Mathletics based on topics being completed in the class and children’s ability levels. These websites provide the teachers with clear and relevant feedback from the pupils work each day.

Homework is completed online using any device, such as desktop computer/tablet or Ipad.

Homework is assigned to pupils Monday to Thursday each week.

Homework is always differentiated to cater for pupil’s abilities, circumstances, age and class level.

Online homework will rotate on a weekly basis.

-One week is Raz kids and Spelling city

-The following week is Mathletics and Spelling city

Boys are expected to do 20 minutes online each night (10 minutes on each website). Extra work outside of this will be rewarded.

Completed homework is checked online each morning and a reward stamp is given for completed work.

Boys have a spelling test on Friday as normal and parents are expected to check spellings during the week.

Boys will get their Monday stamp if they have their tests from the previous Friday signed.

Teachers engage in spellings and tables activities each morning to reinforce what the children learned the night before and check on their progress.

Pupils write their homework in their journal which is an important link between home and school. Information about stamps received the previous week is also included in the homework journal to ensure a strong link between home and school.

Sixth class students will complete written homework from Christmas onwards to prepare for secondary school.

Extra written homework is available on request.


Parent will get a text on a Monday morning if their child has missed their homework stamps during the week.

Boys have passwords for all 3 websites in the back of their journals to help parents at home.

Parents are encouraged to sit with their child to help them with their homework where required.

All parents are asked to ensure reading is completed either using Raz kids or book club reading books.

Parents are asked to ensure homework is completed and sign their child’s homework journal every night.

Online homework information mornings are held in the school for any parent who wishes to attend.

Homework club.

A homework club is run in the school every week from Monday to Thursday.

Pupils qualify on the basis of need. Boys who have no internet access/facilities at home attend homework club. EAL pupils are also encouraged to attend homework club.

Children can be referred for homework club by their teacher or members of the care team.

A minimum of two staff members work in the homework club each day.


This Policy will be reviewed and updated in September 2020.

SIGNED: Thomas Carroll