Homework Policy


· We regard homework as an important part of a child’s educational progress and development. All pupils will be given homework.

· Homework will be differentiated to cater for pupils abilities

and circumstances.

· Homework is usually given Monday­---Thursday.

· Homework Club – this runs from Mon-Thurs; 2.30-3.30.

Pupils qualify on the basis of need: no support/facilities at home.

Pupils may be referred to the Club by class teachers, the Care Team, or at the request of parents.

The H/work Club caters for a maximum of twenty pupils per day.

It is manned by teachers/special needs assistants/3rd level students/transition students from Belvedere College/O’Connell’s

Sec. School.

Junior class pupils may attend each day. In order to encourage senior pupils to work independently they may attend twice a week. Parents are urged to check/sign their child’s work.

Pupils attendance, progress and need for on-going support are kept under constant review.

Food/snacks are provided. Board games/activities are provided

for pupils who finish their work early.

· Homework may be given at weekends when homework during

the week has not been done/completed.

Penalty(Stage 3/4/5) Work may also be given.

· Homework must be;

(a) Fully completed/finished.

(b) Done neatly.

(c) Done to the Best of his Ability.

· A rough guideline for the amount of time to be spent on homework:

2nd 20-30 mins

3rd 20-30 mins

4th 30-40 mins

5th 40-50 mins

6TH 40-50 mins

· Homework will usually contain reading, spellings, tables, written work and pieces to be learned by heart

English and Maths are the main subjects of homework.

· Topics will be based on topics already taught and done in class.

Homework is given to reinforce and further practice them.

It also helps the child to learn to work independently.

· Topics for homework will be written into the pupil’s Homework Journal each day. It should be checked and signed each night

by parent/guardian.

· Homework is usually checked each morning. A Reward Stamp is

given for completed work.

· A Homework Certificate is presented at Assembly each term.

· Pupils who do their homework regularly will qualify for Reward Trips, extra P.E, Video, Computer Time, etc.

· Improvements in homework will be relayed to parents by text, phone call and formal/informal meetings.

· Where homework is not done twice in one week parents/guardians may be contacted.

Pupils who do not complete homework, without parental excuse, may have to complete it in detention during First Break.

· Where homework is not completed repeatedly parents/guardians

may be requested to meet with the teacher and /or principal.

· Homework may not be given on certain occasions eg. birthdays, the night before public/school holidays.

· Pupils should have a set time / routine for doing homework.

It should not be done last thing at night or in the morning before



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Chairperson B.O.M.