Children's Mental Health Week

Last week was Children’s Mental health week. We had lots going on around the school. Each class mediated every day. On Monday in each class boys choose a “ Secret Friend “ they carried out random acts of kindness for each other throughout the week and there was a real air of positivity in the school . On Tuesday we got out in the fresh air we “moved more “and had fun outside. Feeling the benefits of exercise and fresh air on our wellbeing.

On Wednesday we were lucky to have Fran Dustin a mindfulness expert in to work with each class. The staff and parents committee also had a mindfulness workshop.

Thursday was “ inside and out “ day we learned a lot about the importance of feeling good inside and out and all the things we can do to improve how we feel .Boys were challenged to be kind to each other , talk to friends and adults they trust about their worries , up their water intake , eat healthy , increase their exercise and get out in fresh air . Rarity the rabbit and Unique the unicorn taught us a valuable lesson about the importance of looking after ourselves.

On Friday we were mindful, we mediated around dealing with and overcoming the big emotions life sends our way. The boys produced some beautiful mindful art work.

The staff also carried out random acts of kindness for each other and felt the benefits of same.