New OCS Student Council

OCS has set up a new student council in the last few weeks. One of the aims was the give the children more input into things in OCS. They came up with some brilliant ideas including rewards and competitions for homework. There biggest idea came in the form of a Disco. Tyler from the Student Council had this to say:

"The student council had planned lots of activities for the school. We had a disco for the school and made over €200. The school did lots of games for the students to play. We made a playlist with good songs. We sold sweets and drinks to everyone. There was a raffle as well. Mr Ledwith won 2 easter eggs and there was a dance off for teachers and a dance off for students. Ms Colligan won the teachers dance off. There were a few winners in the student one. Some of the students had a dance off with Mr King and it ended in a draw. Everyone really enjoyed it loads and I really hope we have another one".