Welcome to the Greely High School Library

2015-16 GHS Library & Technology Reservations


Would you like to spend your study hall period in the library?

Please check the Library Spaces calendar above for the latest information on space and equipment availability, then choose one of the periods from the bar on your left and register for a pass. Your pass will be emailed to you. Show it to your study hall teacher before coming to the library and getting it scanned by us.


To schedule events in the library outside of school hours, create an event on your Google calendar, then choose the GHS Library from ROOMS (next to GUESTS). Check the calendar above first! If it is already booked, the room will not appear in the list.

To schedule events in the library during school hours, use the Library Spaces calendar above (GHS Library & Technology Reservations) and submit your request using the Menu of Library Help form or contact Mrs. Perkinson directly.

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