Loch Haven is a family-oriented waterfront community of approximately 300 homes on the Mayo peninsula of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The community is governed by the Loch Haven Civic Association (LHCA), which maintains several areas for the enjoyment of its members including a recreation area, a marina and boat ramp, a community beach, a playing field, water-access rights of way, and beautiful vistas of the South River at the Overlook.

It's Mosquito Season!

Loch Haven's assigned spray night for mosquitoes is Monday. Spraying can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM. The spray program will begin on May 30. Please stay indoors while spray operations are being conducted. Residents who do not wish their property to be sprayed may file for an exemption with this exemption form. For more information, call the MD Department of Agriculture's Mosquito Control Program at 410-841-5870 or visit Mosquito Control.

June LHCA Newsletter 

March LHCA Newsletter

Parking Stickers
Parking stickers are required at the rec area, pier, beach, and overlook. If you need a sticker, please contact Pam Cotter at pamcotter@verizon.net or 410-991-5054.

The Health of the South River
The South River Federation has compiled its annual South River Scorecard for 2017. The Scorecard presents data on key indicators of River health such as water clarity, dissolved oxygen, underwater grasses, and the abundance of aquatic life. You can view the report card report and the related graphics here on their website.

Annual Budget
At the November 2017 General Membership Meeting, members of the Loch Haven Civic Association voted to approve the 2018 Annual Budget.  For more information about the budget, email treasurer@lochhaven.org.

Mayo Parks Plans 
The final master plans for the Mayo Peninsula Parks are posted on the AA County website at http://www.aacounty.org/departments/recreation-parks/parks/mayo-peninsula-parks/.

Traffic Study Report
The AA Co. Dept. of Public Works has issued its report on traffic speeds and volume in our community. Loch Haven Dr. meets the criteria for speed humps. Download and read the report.

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Membership Drive
Thank you for supporting our beautiful community areas and fun activities! If you need to join for 2018, you can download a membership formYour board of directors is always looking for new ideas to welcome new residents into our community. If you happen to have a new neighbor, please let Pam Cotter know and she will do her best to welcome them to our community.

The Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula
The Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula is a group addressing issues including traffic, fire/EMS emergency response, schools, and more.