Volcanology Research Lab

Shannon Kobs Nawotniak
Associate Professor 
ISU Geosciences
email kobsshan@isu.edu

Research specialties
  •    Physical volcanology
  •     Computational fluid dynamics
  •     High performance computing

  •    Ph.D., 2009, State University of New York at Buffalo
  •     B.S., 2003, Michigan Technological University

Research interests
I investigate the connection between process and produce in volcanic eruptions, ranging in scale from the origins and underpinnings of monogenetic volcanic fields through eddy-scale mixing in eruption columns. I'm currently Geology Co-Lead on the NASA FINESSE project and Deputy PI on the NASA BASALT project, both of which use terrestrial lavas to investigate planetary volcanoes. I use field work, experimental analogue models, and computational analyses to evaluate volcanic eruptions and their potential hazards. My past field work has included the Inyo volcanoes in California, the Los Tuxtlas Volcanic Field in Veracruz, Mexico, Mauna Ulu in Hawaii, and the eastern Snake River Plain volcanic zone in Idaho. 

My teaching list (check course schedule for semesters):
Environmental Geology 4406/5506
Volcanology 4405/5505
Geologic Writing Seminar 6603
Physical Geology 1101
Physical Geology Lab for Majors 1110
Programming for GIS 4428/5528
Advanced Programming for GIS 6628 (previous version as Survey of Parallel Programming 5599)
Geology in the Movies 1199/5599
Seminar 4491/5591 (So far, trips to Eastern California, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Montserrat)

Check out Dispatches from the Geosphere, blog of the Volcanic Processes Lab at ISU. It's where we work on our science communication and outreach by bringing cutting edge geology research to a lay audience. Want to see a paper or idea highlighted? Let Shannon know!

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