Drama Club

The 2022-2023

Drama Club Board

Nora Assougdam - President

Claire Buntemeyer - Vice President

 Lexi Murphy and Merrick Weber - Secretaries

Molly Johnson - Treasurer

Leah Potter - Historian

Ricky Johnson - Liaison

Naima Alaniz - Underclassmen Representative

Sam Holguin and Brady Losinger - Spontaneous Combustion Presidents

If you want to be part of Drama Club, are a Smoky Hill student, and would like to be added to the SHHS Drama Schoology Page, which includes updates and information, please fill out the form at the above link.

How to Count Thespian Points Video

Drama Club Dues: $10

Drama Club Dues help to pay for the Masquerade Ball, Homecoming Parade, Final Awards, and many other cool things!

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2023-2024 Drama Club Meetings

If you missed the meeting...

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(Slideshow changes every meeting.)

First Meeting Tues. Aug. 22

Tues. Sept 12

Tues. Oct 10

Tues. Nov 14

Tues. Dec. 5 (ThesCon Showcase)

Tues. Jan 16

Wed. Feb 21

Tues. Mar 12

Tues. Apr 9 - Board Nominations

Tues. Apr. 30 - Speeches / Board Voting

Tues. May 7 - Performance Auditions

May 22 - Drama Awards

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Drama Club Picnic 2021

Getting ready for a new year!

Welcome back Drama Club Buffs!

Year End Award Video 2019-2020