Frequently asked questions about the Smoky Hill Theater Program...

Are we going to New York City this year?

We traveled to NYC during the 2016 school year. We try to go every three years and hope to be going during the spring break of 2019. The cost will be approximately $1799, so start saving! Link to NYC page.

Are we going to the Thespian Conference this year?

You better believe it! Start planning your competitive pieces, see Mr. Brown, and visit www.cothespians.com for more info. The cost will be about $180 per person with hotel stay. Link to ThesCon page.

What is an IE?

An IE is an acronym for Individual Event, which can be performed for a judge at the Thespian Conference. Individual events can be performed in several categories, including monologs, duo scenes, musical theatre and technical theatre.

How do I get into a show?

The best way to get into a Smoky Hill production is to check this website or the Call Board outside Mr. Brown's room, I-719, for show dates and prepare for upcoming auditions. You should have a resume with a picture and a memorized audition monologue. Make sure the monologue is well prepared and that you are keeping up with your scholastic grades. Link to Performing Arts Calendar.

How do I get into Drama Club?

Again, check this website or the Call Board for Drama Club dates. Just show up and be prepared to meet people who have interests in live theatre. We usually meet once a month in the Auditorium after school. Link to Drama Club page.