Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion

Next Show - Friday April 19 - SHHS 7:15 pm - $5

Smoky's own Improv troupe. The troupe has a Varsity and Junior Varsity division and travels to Chicago annually to compete in improv competitions. Come out to see one of the monthly shows—always great unexpected comedy!

Congratulations to the Troupe members of Spontaneous Combustion 18-19!!

Lindsay Cann – President

Kat Elgersma - Vice-President

Laurel Grosz - Vice-President


Lindsay Cann, Laurel Grosz, Kat Elgersma


Nathan Chelf, Kaylah Curry, Nicole Glowacki, David Gurzick, Sadie Holguin, Katelyn Losinger, Tyler Lucera, Nicholas Manning, Colby Powers, Cora Quattlebaum

Spontaneous Combustion Shows

All shows at 7:15 in the Cafeteria.

Tickets $5 at the door.

Thursday Sept. 13 (Homecoming Week)

Fri. Oct. 12

Tues. Nov. 20 (Thanksgiving Show)

Fri. Dec. 14

Fri. Jan. 25

Fri. Mar. 1

Fri. Apr. 19

Auditions Tues-Thurs after-school May 14-16

Final Show Fri. May 17

Spontaneous Combustion is sponsored by SHHS math teachers Sam Gordon and Adrian Holguin (Former improv performer for the Impulse Theater.)

Spo Co Tech

Tech Heads - Simon Blanco, Kodah Haskell


Olivia Aragon, Casper Apodaca, Zoe Gordon, Lola Howard, Katy Khilchenko, Rachel Newman, Esther Tran, Emily Walton, Liam Whitman, Alaina Whitten