Adopt-a-Library Program

From Xavier Ateneo to Xavier Academy of Initao, spreading the love for reading knows no bounds! Our recent book donation drive at Xavier Academy of Initao on March 23, 2024, through the joint efforts of Xavier Ateneo Senior High School Library and Xavier University Grade School Library, is making a real difference in promoting literacy and learning. Together, we're fostering a culture of reading and knowledge-sharing. Here's to many more chapters of impact! 

XUGS Head Librarian handed the books to the XAI administrators

XUSHS and XUGS Librarians with XAI administrators

The library, in collaboration with the XUSHS Social Sciences - Christian Humanism Department and Community Club, had our first-ever book donation activity to our adopted library, Xavier Academy of Initao on July 16, 2022. The Xavier Academy of Initao is the recipient of our adopt-a-library project. Our adopt-a-library program helps Xavier Academy Library in organizing and expanding its collection and other resources. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Social Sciences/Christian Humanism department's book donation drive initiative and the financial support of our community club. 

Social Sciences/Christian Humanism and Math Faculty members with XAI Principal

SHS Library Staff with the XAI Principal

SocSci/CH ADC, SHS Head Librarian, and Community Club Officer with XAI administrator and Principal