Library In-Service Training 2023

On July 27, 2023, the senior high school library successfully conducted its annual in-service training. This year's in-service training aimed to enhance cataloging skills, streamline library transactions and procedures, and improve customer service, contributing to an excellent user experience and fostering professional growth among the library staff. The training covered essential topics such as RDA cataloging, which was presented as a re-echo by our Technical Service Librarian, Ms. Miriam Y. Abao. Additionally, there was a hands-on demonstration on library transactions and procedures, as well as a meeting for each service area, providing collaboration and coordination among the team. Also, the library warmly welcomed our newest library staff member, Ms. Merlyn D. Actub, who joined our team with enthusiasm and dedication. 

Library In-Service Training 2022

The Senior High School library is committed to fostering a working environment that supports professional growth and values the library staff’s knowledge and contributions to fulfilling its mission. This year’s library in-service training aims to update the knowledge and skills of library staff, improve services, and learn the latest technologies useful for the library and its users. The In-Set featured guest, Mr. Philip Joseph Gaston, in his talk and demo on 3D printing. We are grateful for the participation and support of XUL and XUGS librarians, SHS administrators, faculty, and staff both online and face-to-face. 

SubjectPlus Training

The library conducted an in-house training on how to create subject guides using the SubjectPlus open source tool. It was conducted by Ms Athena Jaca, SHS Head Librarian and participated by SHS Librarians and staff. It was held at the Lecture Space, SHS Library on April 13, 2021. Proper COVID precautionary measures were followed. 

RFID Tagging of Library Materials

The library had their first RFID tagging training on January 13, 2021. The SHS head librarian trained them in tagging books with RFID tags and in using the RFID application linked with the TLC-LS circulation application.

Library In-Service Training 2020

This program provides library basics for XU librarians and staff. The training covers a wide range of topics, including collection development, cataloging, reference work, and information technology.

On August 16, The XASH library team with XUGS librarians successfully conducted a Library In-Service Training. The training focuses on the Integrated Library System - The Library Corporation Library Solution Demonstration and Use; Developing Library Website, Creating Infographics, Virtual Reference and Telephone Etiquette. This training will help us grow to be more productive and knowledgeable in serving our Xavier Ateneo community. Looking forward to more years of MAGIS together!