Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I borrow library materials? 

1.    Check the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to verify if the book is available in the library.

2.    If available, get a piece (slip size) of paper, copy the call number, author, and title of the book and location symbol if any.

3.    Present the call number to the reference librarian or staff at the concierge desk for assistance, if needed.

4.    Go to the shelves and check the book.

5.    If the book is available, present current University ID at the circulation counter/concierge. A library staff member verifies first if the student has any overdue loans and/or fines. If the student has a clean record, the staff member then examines the book and get the currently validated University ID for proper charging.

6.    A transaction receipt with due date shall be inserted at the front cover of the book.

7.    Book may be returned before the due date, but it is considered overdue if returned later than the date stated in the transaction receipt.

8.    Students may renew the book thrice after its due date if there is no demand for it, but he or she cannot renew it if he/she has an overdue loans and/or fines. Overdue loans and/or fines should be settled first before he/she is allowed to borrow any library material again.

2. How can I access library resources from off-campus? 

Simply go to the library website at then click "Library Resources”. For the login credentials of all subscribed online databases, kindly ask your class moderator or visit the Virtual Library via MS Teams. 

3. How can I request books and journal articles not owned by XASH Library but available at XUL? 

Through our Intralibrary Loan Service, you can request for XUL books or journal articles. We will be facilitating the borrowing of library materials on your behalf. Visit our library website: and click “Library Services” then fill out the “Intralibrary Loan Service” online form.

4. How do I log in to the library catalog (OPAC)?

You need to go to OPAC via, then log-in through clicking “Sign In” in the upper part of our library catalog (OPAC). Your library account is your ID number and the password is the last four digit of your ID number. 

5. How many items can I check out at a time?

Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of five (5) books at a time. To borrow library materials, go to our library website at and click “Library Services” then click “Book Pick Up Service”. Kindly read the guidelines before filling out the online form. 

6. How do I hold/reserve library materials? 

Answer: Currently this service is still unavailable due to our limited collection but when our library operation is back to full swing, you can start to hold/reserve a book(s).  To log in, go to “” then click log-in at the upper right part of the homepage. Your library account is your ID number and the password is the last four digit of your ID number.

7. How do I find Grade 12 Research Papers online? 

You need to access first the library catalog (OPAC) via or to check Grade 12 Research Papers. At the homepage of the OPAC, you can start to type in any particular topic in the search box. Kindly change the “location” located at the right side panel and click “change”. The “Select locations to search” dialog box will appear, then click “SHSLib” and “Save”. To see only the list of available research papers, click the “Collection” found also on the left side panel then click “Quantitative Research.” All the results that you’ll see will be Grade 12 Research Papers.

8. How do I access the library catalog (OPAC).

You can access the library catalog (OPAC) in two ways via or Then you can type in keywords or search terms in the search box. After that kindly change the “Location” located at the right side panel and click “SHSLib” then save. All the results that you’ll see are available library materials under the SHS Library Collection. 

9. How can I get one-on-one research help?

You can ask for a one-on-one research help through AskIRA, which stands for Information Reference Assistant. IRA is virtually ready to assist any research needs of the SHS students and faculty. IRA is available online via email at and chat at Xavier Ateneo Senior High Library (@XASHLib) FB Page.