Thomas C


By Thomas Conroy

All is said

All is done

And you’re pointing a smile at me

Like a loaded gun

Not an hour before we fought

Spitting venom and fire

You threw a fist

My lip bleed

I smashed the lamp

And you left

But you came back

Upon return

You felt different


Probably due to the whiskey

I could smell on your breath

I wanted to turn away from you

My lips still hurt after all

But then you flashed me that smile

Your beautiful



We crashed arm-in-arm down to the floor

I kissed the angles of your jaw

You whispered sweet nothings

Silly things

Like what the kids will be named

Where the honeymoon would be spent

And how you didn’t mean it earlier

When you said

You didn’t love me anymore

My father drank

Mom smoked

I’m biologically inclined to addiction

And self destruction

And bad decisions

I guess that’s why I believed you.