Julia M

I woke up to that all too familiar dripping of raindrops on my face. I had once again fallen asleep with the window open reading in my big, comfy, leather recliner that faced the world like a throne. I stretched, sending my book toppling down to the hardwood floor below and straight into a puddle of rainwater that had probably come in sometime during the night. I stared at the book for some time. Just sitting there in the puddle in my living room at 6:00 am on a Sunday.

“So all of you have volunteered for this. You know the stakes. You know what may happen.” Neil barked at the group. “Over the past few months we’ve lost hundreds of men, so we need to know what you as an individual can do to push us forward. Please split up into groups. I will be around to assess your skills and see if you are still worthy to be a member of this army.”

We all split up. Most groups were the same size, five or six people clumped near the wall thinking of what we could bring to the table. That's when Neil rushed over.

“Ok, let’s go quick. You, name and talent,” he said pointing to a skinny little boy.

“Um… I’m Eren and I can… um… Oh! Knit,” he said enthusiastically

“Well that's not important. Next,” he said pointing to a girl with ginger hair shaved at the sides.

“I’m Hannah and I can shoot a bow and ar-”

“ I can oil paint too!”

“Ok Eren. Let Hannah speak,” Neil said now shaking his head incessantly.

“Well, I’m Hannah and I-”

“I can cook a great German chocolate cake!”

“EREN! I DO NOT CARE! SIT DOWN AND LET HANNAH SPEAK!” he said spinning around and pinning Eren to the wall. The room fell silent. Neil looked around, dusted himself off and turned back to the group. “Hannah, what do you do?” He said grabbing Hannah by the shoulder. “Just say something, anything, just speak,” he whispered to her.

“I… I can shoot a bow and arrow?”