Taylor B


Taylor Broz

I tried to step over the vines.

If my soul was a rose,

I am trapped in its stem

My ankles crack on every step I take

But I hear the ripping and tearing

Of muscle

Of being rooted to you.

I`ve tried waiting and watching over stoplights

Hoping that no one would be reckless enough

To damage the others around them,

To damage what they have.

The red reminds me of nights when the sun wasn`t

Ready to go down and neither was I,

But you always got me home safely so I could

Return in the morning to find you asleep still with

The stars and nebulas floating in your eye sockets

What do those mean?

Do they create a universe of your own dogmas that hold me

Dangling inside?

Were you formed from star stuff next to the black

hole that designed me

Maybe it just spit out my body

And nothing else inside of it.

That’s why my eyes are black in the rain and sun.

The sun I hope I am to you.

The sun feeding the roses circling my body

Anchoring me to you ground, and I see your

Stars in the mud, (they are not any less beautiful,

You are not changed)

The roses that I touch in a beautiful beautiful


One filled with every graceful and ugly and limber

And rigid moment.