Dakota C-J

The Disappearance of Laura Wren

by Dakota C-J inspired by the case of Patty Hearst

There she was. Ten feet away. The girl that had been missing for exactly 2 months and 7 days was standing right next to Charles. She did not wear the mask on her face like the rest of them. Laura had always been that way, she wasn’t a coward, not like the rest of them. She wasn’t like the rest of them, Charles insisted. She was so much better, so bright and young and full of potential and they took it away from her. You couldn’t blame it on her for firing the gun, she wasn’t in control, she was like a marionette tied to the strings of a devilish marionettist.

But no one would believe that, and why should they she pulled the trigger? She made the decision to end a life, that was her choice and her choice alone. When the lady begged for Laura not to fire the gun that would eventually end her life, Laura didn’t care. She just look at the old lady and shot. She didn’t seem to be feeling anything, she just looked and shot, no remorse no nuthin’, just aimed the gun and fired, said one of the men who had been interviewed after the shooting.

But there she was, right in front of Charles, ten feet away, so close and yet she didn’t seem to recognize him. His eyes pleaded for Laura to recognize him, one sign that she was not completely gone, that the innocent and beautiful Laura, the one that Charles had fell in love with in the first place, was still there. But she just stared back, eyes uncaring and unemotional as she pointed the gun towards his face……