Julian R

The Magic Pear

Every year, it seemed like it got much tougher to convince my grandparents that they should enter the great outdoors for an adventure. Sure, they had an amount of fun once they got there. But as they got slower and more tired, it seemed it was always a hassle.

This year, however, turned out differently. “Grandma! Grandpa! What do you say? Do you want to have a picnic in the park?” They both stared at each other, surprised at first. But then a sly smile began to form on their faces.

“Sure!” my grandmother replied. “Where would you like to have it?” my grandfather asked.

I was shocked and excited to be gifted with such a positive response. “How about Ruby Park?” I suggested. Ruby Park was a nearby field surrounded by oak trees.

“Sounds great to me!” my grandmother said. She then held up a golden brown pear. The pear looked as if it had been bitten in half. Inside it, there was a glowing, white pit. I was surprised, as pears didn’t normally have pits.

My grandfather leaned across and tapped the top of the pit. Suddenly, our surroundings changed, and we were in the middle of Ruby Park. The trees bustled with life; birds chirping in their nests, bugs scuttling along the rough bark. A picnic table was there, a picnic already set up.

My grandparents sat there, calmly drinking from plastic cups of juice. When they finished, they would lay the cups on the table carelessly, and this incredible pear, still in my grandmother’s grasp, would suck them up into it’s glowing pit.

Then, the impossibility of my situation hit me. How could a pear of all things, teleport us to this park? I ran around the field in circles, yelling “What?! WHAT?!?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! WHERE ARE WE REALLY!?!”

Scar Arm

Gwen Neel was reluctantly sitting in the cold, bright, doctor’s office for her yearly check-up. In one corner she saw her mother, happily reading a romance novel. In the other was her younger brother, Charlie, clicking away on his DS, sounds of battle and lasers coming from the game. In the middle of the room was simply her and the Dr. Lester, who was examining her arm. Gwen hated going to the doctor’s office, but at least she did not get sick often.

“How did you get this scar?” Dr. Lester asked, showing Gwen a scar on her elbow. It was in the shape of a crescent.

“How should I know?” Gwen asked, shrugging. Dr. Lester looked into her eyes, a look of mild annoyance on his face.

“Hi, Mrs. Neel. Do you know how Gwen got this scar?” Dr. Lester asked Gwen’s mom.

“Oh no!” Mrs. Neel giggled into her book. Dr. Lester sighed.

“Can I see it?” Charlie asked, looking up from his DS.

“Why not?” Dr. Lester muttered to himself, as Gwen bent her elbow so Charlie could see the scar. At first, an odd look crossed Charlie’s face. It somehow encapsulated shock, awe, wonder and suspicion. Then, almost immediately, it faded. “Oh. She’s had that for years.” he said.

“Hm.” Dr. Lester and Gwen both replied. Then, they finished up the check-up.

That night for dinner, Mrs. Neel made creamy macaroni and cheese, Charlie’s favorite. Yet tonight, Charlie did not seem interested in consuming it.“Charlie, why aren’t you eating?” Gwen’s mother asked.

“I think I’m just tired. I’ll go and get ready for bed now. Gwen, meet in my room to say goodnight.” Charlie replied

.“What? Why?” Gwen asked.

“Please do it, Gwendolyn! He’s your little brother and you must show love for him,” Mrs. Neel commanded.

“Okay, fine.” Gwen obliged. So, after she finished her bowl, Gwen walked into Charlie’s bedroom, immediately stating “Please make this quick, Charlie.” “Shut the door.” Charlie commanded.

Gwen did what he said. Charlie took his time, getting into bed, and taking a video game off his shelf, the same game he was playing at the check-up today.“Charlie, what-” Gwen began, but she was interrupted.

“Before today, Gwen, you have never had that scar. I’ve seen your arm enough to know that,” Charlie said.

“Gross.” Gwen replied.

“But, there is somebody who has had that scar his whole life,” Charlie finished.

He then held up his DS game. The title was Scar-Arm. The teenage boy on the cover had a crescent shaped scar on his elbow.

6 Word Stories

All happening inside a children’s game.

War coming in the near future.

Fruit infected with human made waste.

Where, in the world, are we?

People taken out of their time.

Ask for help from the natives.

Game leaves mark on those nearby.

The Bunker Door

It was movie night, a time Isabelle greatly enjoyed. As a six year old, Isabelle still felt as if movies were “kind of real.” After a fantastic, yet rationed, turkey dinner, Isabelle cuddled on the flower patterned couch with her parents, ready for the movie to begin.

“So, what would you like to watch tonight?” her father asked, using the remote to turn on the local video streaming service. Isabelle giggled, thrilled by the choice. But at that moment, there was a very loud knock from above. Isabelle’s parents went dead silent. “What’s that?! Who’s out there?!?!” Isabelle screeched, quite loudly.

“Shhhhhh.” her parents told her. They waited for a few more seconds. Then, they heard another knock. Isabelle’s mother screamed, and started running around turning off all the lights.

“It’s no use, Patricia. If they’re here with a weapon, and we can hear them, it will be able to kill us no matter what,” Isabelle’s father reminded her.

“Then we need to leave!” her mother said.

“We can’t risk taking our child out into that nuclear wasteland,” her father argued. At this point, however, Isabelle wasn’t listening anymore. She was staring at the door on the top of the bunker her family lived inside since the start of this war

“Isabelle, listen to us!” her parents were yelling. But she just pointed at the bunker door, as it opened slowly. A teenager, about seventeen years old, dropped through. He had a crescent shaped scar on his elbow. “Hey, guys. I need your help.” he told them.

“WHAT?” Isabelle’s entire family yelled at the same time. The teeanger replied with “Well, it’s kind of a long story. My grandparents have this magic pear, and….” but he stopped. “Yeah it’s complicated.” But he still had one more question.

“Can I stay here for a bit?”