Mary-Almah D


In the house of our sins

We stand against each other

Clawing at each others souls

Clinging to the holy scriptures

Screaming at the beat of the drums

A glass chandelier falls

In the middle of blurry figures

The shattered glass

Falls into our eyes

And the blood of Judas

Flows out

Spreading to our hands

Our feet

Covering us in guilt

Defining our place as outcasts

The unholy

As the angels watch our deceitful end

As the holy man laughs

Placing our horrid bodies

In hell’s landscape

Burning the sins of the Vatican

We are the scum of the earth, the moles

We are the downfall

And the devil looks upon us

With a livid eye

Letting hell’s fires

Burn the human in us

They make sure we suffer

Traumatize what little we have left

Ripping the heart out of our bodies

And devouring it

With a mocking smile

Making sure our lives come to a bitter end

Spreading our ashes

Across the religious land

Attempting to “purify” us

We are the sins of the earth

So they say

But maybe it’s them

You & I

You are the voice in my head.

You are my words.

You are a scar.

I stood still

While you covered my lips.

I crawled on the ground

While you mocked me.

You are my eclipse.

You cover my sun

And your flaws shined through me,

But brightness seeped through.

You are the meteor

That brought me here.

The one that took my last breath of air.

I was an obedient pet

But every time I forced myself out

Of the leash you held over me,

You locked me in a basement

With diseased rats.

I wanted to be your savior;

I was the one who tried to treat you darkness

And you infected me.

I carried you through ups and downs

And you carried me to hell

The Girl

The girl walks down a path

A forged path

Same scenery, same road

No twists, no turns

Just a straight line of road

But every so often

The girls stops

Takes in the dewy air

Feels the small rush of wind

And smiles

Although it is a repeated cycle

Of the same thing

She can still smile

She’ll never get to the end of the road

And she’ll never go back to the beginning

But she can still forge little moments in

On the path

The neverending path

But maybe some day

Maybe in a million years

She’ll take a turn

And branch off

To find her own path