Meg B

Fury Fighters / Chapter i.

“Subject H0551C4123,” the guard who awaits at my white door commands me in his husky voice.

“It’s good to see you again, Dallin,” I smile politely, but he coughs in response. “Oh, I’m sorry. Guard Dallin.”

“The General has requested to speak with you,” he informs me as he takes my arm and leads me away from my parchment colored room.

“If you don’t mind if I complain-”

He cuts me off, “I do. I’m not quite in the mood for small talk.”

I scrunch my nose. “Is it because I’m a lab rat?”

Dallin sighs. “May I remind you that you’re not a lab rat, you’re an experienced hacker.”

“But not even good enough to keep my real name?”

We stop at the same door we stop at every other week. “Enough talking, Hacker, the general is waiting for you in there.”

He swings open the door and stands there, not even looking at me anymore. His rifle is swung across his chest and his expression is dead on that sun-kissed skin of his.

I take a mouse’s step into the pristine white room. General Europa Esmo stands across the room at the head of the table with her fading blonde hair twisted up into a neat bun. Her uniform is decorated with a lot of different medals and patches, probably for things she didn’t even do herself.

“Please take a seat,” the General speaks in an even tone. I do as she orders and then I take notice to the redhead that also sits at the table. “Sorry for not introducing you to Subject K47V112, miss. He’s a lot like you except he isn’t a Hacker, he is our Killer.”

He smirks at that. I scan him up and down. He seems to be tall, at least sitting down he seems it. Maybe around six feet? His hair is awful rusty red, and it contrasts his fair, clean of marks, skin. Really, what is a Killer without a couple of scars? His eyes are a dark brown and I’d say they are more black, but there are a few specks of hazel in them. And even though he is in white linen cloth just like me, he has a lot more muscles than me, but not too crazy. I wonder if he’s ever strangled anyone.


But he cuts me off right away. “I know who you are Subject H0551C4123. You’re their Hacker. The one and only girl who is capable of hacking all kinds of databases and systems with just her mind. What is it that makes you so… genius?”

“I was born with a gift, you could say,” I smile at the Killer.

The General coughs. “Please be quiet. It’s already obvious that I’ve made a mistake choosing teenagers, but you seem to be more experienced in your fields than the average adult. Do not make me regret this when I say I want you to go on a mission together outside. Our Killer here has been on plenty outside missions, but I question whether or not you are ready to experience the world out there?”

“It’s been five years, General. I think I’m ready.” My mind doesn’t even hesitate. I’ve behaved well for five years. I’ve done my lessons and tasks, but now I am ready to see the outside again. I might as well go crazy cooped up here in this white-hell-hole.

“Good. A Guard will bring you to a different room tomorrow and I will have a Commander of mine explain the mission furthermore. I wish you two the best. Do not fail me. I’d hate to see you… have to depart from our team.”

“Don’t you worry, General. I’ll take care of the Hacker in the outside world,” he swivels in his chair and just looks at me with a predator’s gaze.

But I’ve been waiting for this moment for five years and now that it’s here I won’t need to be taken care of out there. If anything, a Killer like him will have to watch his back. I am, after all, the best Hacker in all the world.

Excerpts from Midnight Jewel:


I found it.

It surrounded me.

I was scared,

Until I touched the flames.

Then I was enthralled,

But it did not kill me.

It made me strong.

It filled me with

Power.” - L.R.B.

“Every dream,

Every nightmare,

You were there,

But you were never

The hero.” - L.R.B.

“You’re a sky full of stars to me,

But I’m just the


One to you.” - L.R.B.