Woodland High School Course Planner

Welcome to the Course Planner Website

This website is intended to educate parents, guardians, and the community about the graduation requirements for Woodland High School  students to earn their diploma.

Our students will be using a special software package called Naviance to prepare and outline their high school careers. The information on this website will help non-students understand what Washington State and Woodland Public Schools requirements are for graduation.

If you have a question that isn't answered on this website, please feel free to reach out to your student's counselor for more information.

Credits Required for Graduation

The Path to Career & College-Ready Graduation

Four-Year High School Schedule

Four-Year High School Schedule

* Depending on a student's Personalized Pathway, a fourth year may or may not be needed.

What is a Personalized Pathway?

The Personalized Pathway Requirement refers to courses that lead to a specific post high school career or educational outcome chosen by the student based on the student’s interests and High School and Beyond Plan, that may include Career and Technical Education, and are intended to provide a focus for the student’s learning.