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November/December 2022
Resolved: The benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the potential harms.

January/February 2023
Resolved: Public schools should regulate the speech of their students on social media.

March 2023 (MS State Tournament)
Posted on February 1, 2023

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Past OSDA MS PF Topics

March 2022 (MS State Tournament)
Resolved: The benefits of space tourism outweigh the costs.

January/February 2022
Resolved: The United States should eliminate single-use plastics.

November/December 2021
Resolved: The federal government should provide two years of free community college to all Americans.

March 2021 (MS State Tournament)
Resolved: Social Media is more beneficial than harmful.

January/February 2021
Resolved: When in conflict, the United States should prioritize the economy over the environment.

November/December 2020
Resolved: In-person learning is more beneficial than distance learning.

March 2020 (MS State Tournament)
Resolved: In the United States, the benefits of organized political lobbying outweigh the harms.

January/February 2020
Resolved: Technology does more harm than good.

November/December 2019
Resolved: In the United States, students should be guaranteed two years of free tuition to a community or technical college.