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Legislation Submission Overview

Any OSDA student is encouraged to submit appropriate legislation to his/her coach. All legislation shall follow guidelines set by the National Speech and Debate Association and be typed using the OSDA Legislation Templates.

Once a coach has received the legislation and has verified it is in the proper format, s/he shall submit it to the District Designee for Congress by the deadline. It is suggested that all District pieces be submitted to the OSDA Designee at the same time.

Each District should submit no more than 4 pieces of legislation per submission date. Each District has the autonomy to decide this process.

Once the coach has submitted the legislation to the District Designee, the District Designee shall forward all appropriate legislation to the OSDA Congress Designee -- Jodi West. Legislation will then be organized and posted on the OSDA website by the 15th of the month prior to the month the legislation is to be debated. Legislation will not be edited for content.

The docket will be divided into weekly tournament sections. Each tournament host will then verify the pieces of legislation they wish to use for their tournament and announce it in their invitation and to OSDA for posting.

For the OSDA State Tournament, legislation will be posted online by February 1 in sections: preliminary, quarters, semis, and finals.

District Congress Liaisons

Akron: Anthony Paridon - Norton (Aparido1@kent.edu)

Canton: Kayla Hrindak - Louisville (khrindak@lepapps.org)

Cleveland: Amy Roediger - Mentor (roedigerac@yahoo.com)

Columbus: Jeff Gottke - Mt. Vernon (jgottke@mvcsd.us)

GMV: Matt Deters - Oakwood (deters.matt@oakwoodschools.org)

Toledo: Keevan Hazel - Sylvania Northview (KHazel@sylvaniaschools.org)

Youngstown: Jodi West - Poland (Jodi.M.West@gmail.com)

Legislation Deadlines

October 1: November Docket

November 1: December Docket

December 1: January Docket

January 15: State Tournament Docket

Past Legislation