CSM Scholarship

CSM Scholarship Information

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Attention Coaches and Judges: 

The Friends of the Christian Science Monitor has renewed their commitment to grant 8 scholarships this year to students who demonstrate excellence in critical thinking. The students that are eligible for these scholarships are those who compete in the following events:

Individual Events



The Friends of the CSM would like to recognize students who excel at looking at both sides of an issue, who take a creative approach to arguments/argumentation, and whose arguments are substantive, have depth and societal relevance. Students must be nominated by an adult (judge or coach). 

Nominating Process

To nominate a student for one of these scholarships, you are encouraged to fill out the form on the OSDA CSM Scholarship or HS Judging pages of our website (TheOSDA.org). This form will ask you to identify yourself (to make sure it is an adult who is nominating the student), the tournament where you encountered the student, the student’s name or competitor code, event, and your rationale for submitting this student for nomination. If you are a student’s coach and would like to nominate, you are welcome to do so, but please make sure that you provide the same information with support for your nomination. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alan Bates, OSDA Board Chair: abates@theosda.org.