Assess a Subset

Assessing a Subset

Sometimes, you might find yourself with an assessment that could take up too much class time. In this situation, you can create a quiz file that assesses students on a random subset of the questions in the full key. All of the questions will still appear, but some of them will be already answered so that your students only need to focus on the random subset that was selected. Only questions from the subset will count towards the students' overall scores. This can be especially useful if you want to give an assessment multiple times to promote retention.

As with shuffled quizzes, Premium users can create subset quiz files with the click of a button.

Creating a Subset Quiz File

  1. Create a subset quiz file by going through the same process as a normal quiz file (click Add-ons => TableQuiz => Create Quiz).
  2. Fill out the dialog information as you normally would. Underneath Assess Subset select Assess students on a random subset of ___ blanks (Premium Only)
    • Fill in the number of blanks that you want to be on the assessment
    • Using the president's quiz from the getting started pages, the example below is configured to make a quiz file that only assesses students on 12 blanks.

Click Create Quiz File. Note: If you do not have an active subscription to TableQuiz Premium, you will be prompted to purchase one. You can see what our president's subset quiz file looks like in the image below.

How it Works

Subset quiz files work just like a regular quiz file, except they have additional code to skip over answers already provided to students. They are fully compatible with any other features supported by TableQuiz. You can even make a subset quiz file that is also shuffled.