Grading a TableQuiz

Compiling and Adjusting Grades

As your students grade their assessments, their scores are added to the Key File. At this point, most of the grading has already been taken care of by TableQuiz. If you open the key file and click on the Results sheet, you will see the overall scores for each student.

There is no need to open each student's individual quiz file. If you would like to check an individual file, you can do so by clicking each individual link on the results sheet.

To provide quick, at-a-glance feedback, important score thresholds are highlighted for you:

  • All scores above a 90% are highlighted green.
  • All scores between a 60% and 70% are highlighted yellow.
  • All scores below a 60% are highlighted red.

Like any other spreadsheet, you can sort this page by last-name, first-name, score, etc. by clicking Data => Sort Sheet By [Selected Column]. If necessary, you can add additional columns to this sheet for adding extra-credit, converting scores, etc.

Initially, these scores are only a rough estimate of students' final scores! They do not account for any spelling errors or answers that--while still being correct--may have differed from those in your key. However, you can account for these answers by opening the Incorrect Answers sheet (see below).

Adding Answers to the Key

If you click the Incorrect Answers sheet, you will see a quick view of every incorrect answer that a student provided. The red column (Answer) contains the incorrect answer that the student provided. The green column (Keyed Answer) contains the original answer on the key. The blue column (Acceptable?) is blank by default.

  • If a student's answer is an acceptable answer to the question, then type "Y" or "Yes" in the blue column. This will add the answer to the key so that all future students will get credit whenever they enter this answer. In the future, this answer will no longer appear on the Incorrect Answers sheet.
  • If the answer is not acceptable, type "N" or No" in the blue column. This will blacklist the answer so that it no longer appears on the Incorrect Answers sheet when a student enters it. This prevents you from constantly re-examining the same incorrect answers whenever you give the quiz in the future.

Looking back at the president's quiz example, only our Democrtic-Republican typo is acceptable. Therefore, it's the only one marked with a Y.

Once you have marked all of the acceptable and unacceptable answers, click Add-ons => TableQuiz => Add Answers to Key. Doing so will clear all the incorrect answers that you have examined. Students with answers marked acceptable will have their scores adjusted, and these boxes will be changed to green on their individual quizzes. Once you have done this, you can encourage students to check their quiz once again for their final score.

Let's look at how our quiz from earlier updated:

This process gets very quick with a bit of practice! As a teacher, once you make a TableQuiz, you only need to post it and go over the incorrect answers once students take the quiz. The more you use a particular key file, the fewer answers you need to check on the "Incorrect Answers" sheet.

If you ever accidentally add a wrong answer to the key or blacklist a correct answer, you can edit the key directly by following the instructions here.

If you want to use more advanced features in TableQuiz, check out the advanced page here.