Drawing Your Own Tables

Drawing Your Own Tables

While making your assessment, you are not limited to the configurations/formatting available to you whenever you click Draw Tables. You can freely draw/resize/recolor your own tables or even insert images or additional directions when necessary.

However, keep in mind that the Draw Tables button will not function correctly if you draw/format anything without using it.

How TableQuiz Works

To draw your own tables, you need to be familiar with how TableQuiz searches for and recognizes answers:

TableQuiz doesn't look for any answers above the 7th row. Therefore, if you are formatting a TableQuiz yourself,

    • NEVER edit the boxes for the student's name or score
    • NEVER include answer blanks in rows 1-7. TableQuiz won't find these answers and will ignore them when grading each quiz file.

TableQuiz keys every box that is formatted to:

    • Font type: Arial
    • Font size: 10
    • Style: Bold

Therefore, if you want a blank to be answer that students must complete, make sure the box is set to Arial, Font Size 10, bold. Likewise, if a box is not an answer box, then make sure that it isn't set to this format.

All other formatting is used to make the assessment more user-friendly and has no effect on how TableQuiz functions.

Formatting Your Own TableQuiz

Keeping in mind what you learned above, you're free to write and format your own TableQuiz. Just make sure that:

  • All answers are in the 8th Row or lower.
  • All answers are formatted to Arial, Size 10, Bold.

Outside of this, you can take advantage of any ways you know how to edit Google Sheets. You can insert images, write passages, explain instructions, etc.

Just remember to click Add-ons => TableQuiz => Create Key when you are finished!