Assigning a TableQuiz

Assigning a TableQuiz to Your Class

Step 1 - Create Your Assignment(s)

After you've created at least one quiz file, click Add-ons => TableQuiz => Post to Google Classroom.

A dialog will appear that asks you to select:

1. Your Classroom(s):

The Google Classroom for which your assignment will be created. If you select multiple classrooms, separate assignments will be created for each classroom.

2. Your Quiz File(s):

The quiz file that you would like to post in the assignment. If you've made multiple quiz files (e.g. for a tiered assessment), then you can select all of the files you plan to post to Google Classroom. Each file will be posted in its own assignment.

Once you've made your selections, click the blue Create Assignment button.

Step 2 - Post the Assignment on Classroom

Your created assignment(s) will not appear to students until you post it on Google Classroom. Open your classroom page, and you'll see that any assignments created through TableQuiz will be unassigned under Saved posts at the top of the screen. You're welcome to change the assignment name, etc., but you don't need to change anything for the assignment to work with TableQuiz. Simply post it to the Classroom, and you're students can complete the assignment.

Keep in mind:

  • TableQuiz posts both the Quiz File and the Key File for students. Students need access to the Key File so that the autograde program can access the correct answers. Students don't need to do anything witht he Key File and should not be opening it during an assessment (a warning message is displayed if students incorrectly open the Key File).
  • DO NOT EDIT EITHER FILE that is posted in the assignment. The Key File must be set to Students can edit file and the Quiz file must be set to Make a copy for each student. Changing either of these will prevent TableQuiz from operating correctly.

For more info on how to work with assignments on Google Classroom, see their documentation here.

Taking a TableQuiz

Students complete the quiz in a straightforward manner. Once they have filled in all of the blanks and they have entered their name, then they can submit their TableQuiz to be graded. To do this, they must have TableQuiz enabled as an Add-on (it should be under their Add-ons menu already, but if not, they can get it here). Then, they just need to click Add-ons => TableQuiz => Submit. They will be warned that they cannot change any of their answers once they submit.

Once submitted, each incorrect answer on the student's quiz will be highlighted red. Likewise, each correct answer will be highlighted green. A tooltip will appear over each answer, showing students the answer from the key. Finally, their final score will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Students can take this time to examine their results and learn from any mistakes. Their screen will look something like this:

Remember, TableQuiz allows you to update the key with any spelling errors or unexpected answers that students may have provided. Encourage students to check the correct answer from each tooltip, and reassure them that they will receive credit if their answer should be marked correct. In our example above, the answer Democrtic-Republican was marked incorrect because it has a typo, but we'll add this to the key in the next section when we finish grading our quiz.

At this point, most of the grading has already been taken care of by TableQuiz. If you open the key file and click on the Results sheet, you will see the overall scores for each student.