Dropdown Menus

Using Dropdown Menus

You can create dropdown menus for any boxes in a TableQuiz by using Google Sheet's "Data Validation" Feature. To use this feature, make sure you follow these steps while the key is unloaded (before clicking the "Create Quiz" button).

1 - Open the Options Sheet

Open the Options sheet in your TableQuiz Key. This is where you can enter all of the options for your drop-down answers. Using the president's quiz from the getting started pages as an example, we can use this page to change the Party questions to drop down menus with the options Democratic, Democratic-Republican, No Party, and Whig.

2 - Type Your Options

Type all of the options for each drop down menu in their own column. For our president's quiz, we'll type the options Democratic, Democratic-Republican, No Party, and Whig all in one column.

3 - Highlight the Boxes to Which You Are Adding Dropdowns

Next, go back to the Quiz sheet, and highlight the cells that you would like to contain drop down menus. In our example, we'll highlight all the answer boxes in the Party column.

4 - Open Data Validation

Click data => data validation.

Make sure that show dropdown list in cell is checked and also check reject input.

5 - Type Your Options

Click the tiny grid under "Criteria:" that says Select Data Range when you mouse over it.

Next, go to your options sheet and select each answers that you want as options. In the case of our example, we'll select our 5 party options. Click okay once you have made your selection. You don't need to make any other changes, so click save.

6 - Test Your Dropdown Menus

Return to the Quiz sheet. You should now have working dropdown menus for each blank that you had selected.

Once you load your key and create your quiz file, these dropdown menus will stay for your students.