Critical thinking

Skill developer:

Defoin (Spain)

Critical thinking:

The ability of actively and skillfully analysing, synthesizing and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. Is seen as goal-oriented thinking.



  • is able to formulate relevant problems and questions clearly and accurately
  • is able to collect and evaluate important information that can later be effectively interpreted
  • is able to evaluate everything in an objective way, avoiding subjectivity and analysing the pros and cons of everything.
  • is able to think long before making a judgement
  • is able to manage emotions, and if we don't know them, give them a name and control them

Criteria which are needed to show your skills and knowledge related to this soft skill:


  • finds solutions to complex problems. That way he can communicate them
  • reaches conclusions and solutions, testing them through relevant criteria and standards
  • analyses the concepts from a larger perspective, not limiting oneself to stereotypes or predetermined ideas
  • resolves conflicts

How to improve this specific soft skill:

Listen to the SOSTRA podcast ( audio, 9:36 min)

or use other additional learning material listed here (when translating you may use national sources):

Show your skills:

Link your evidence to the badge application form

  • Save some videos (max. 30 min) related to your teaching and guiding sessions, showing how you are using "Critical Thinking" when explaining some content or dialogue sessions with peers or learners where you promote different opinions and objective conclusions.
  • Or, write a thoughtful essay in which you describe specific situations about a problem or situation in which the "five steps" have been used to incorporate critical thinking. You can add some captures of asynchronous situations that demonstrate tone´s specific ability.
  • Add evidencing documentation or insert the link of your evidence into the application form.

Applications will not be graded and it is not possible to apply for badges after the piloting period has ended 1.5.2020.