Adult educator:

Improve your soft skills

Competence-based digital badge-driven learning

Within digital open badge-driven learning process, the SOSTRA project introduces new ways to recognize prior soft skills and knowledge, as well as a unique opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.

Adult Educator soft skills as transferable personal attributes and abilities that enable to interact effectively and harmoniously with others both at intra- and inter-personal and at socio-emotional level.

To earn a micro-credential (badge), educators submit evidence of their competence (e.g. in the context of a lesson, examples of student work, student and teacher reflections). That evidence is then assessed by experts or peers based on a set of evaluation criteria.

How to get started?

  • Reflect your own skills and knowledge (REFLECT)
  • Select a skill you have developed or would like to develop (LEARN)
  • Collect the required evidence demonstrating your skill in the selected area
  • Apply and upload and submit your collected evidence (EARN)
  • Share your digital badge once you have earned it (DISPLAY)

We are piloting this digital badging concept between 15.1.-1.5.2020 and all applicants will receive a survey at the end of the process.

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Contact persons:

  • HAMK EDU/ Sanna Ruhalahti, Project manager
  • HAMK EDU/ Anne-Maria Korhonen, Senior lecturer
  • HAMK EDU/ Hanna Lindroos, Project coordinator