SCIENCE MONTH & Museum of Natural Curiosity

April is Science Month! We will be preparing for our upcoming class Science Fair on May 17 by participating in a variety of science experiments, making observations of various natural phenomena, and preparing our own science projects to showcase to parents. We will also be taking a field trip to the Museum of Natural Curiosity on April 30 to help us prepare.


Did you know Coke Rewards points can earn money for our class? If you drink any of the following products, please send your caps to us! Students will enter the codes here at school and the money will go to our class. Thanks for your support!

Participating Brands: Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Coca Cola Life, Sprite, Orange Fanta, Powerade, Mello Yello, Dasani, Barq's, Fresca, Minute Maid, Tab, Fuze Antioxidant, Pibb Xtra, Smart Water, Seagrams's Ginger Ale.

testing for grades 9-10

Freshmen and Sophomores will be participating in the Dynamic Learning Maps assessments for ELA & Math between April 8 and May 17. Contact Mr. Figueira or Mrs. Gifford with questions.

SHS SOAR: building a legacy of opportunity and excellence in inclusive education.

Welcome to the Skyrigde High School SOAR program - an aspiring world-class inclusive education program in Lehi, Utah. We are motivated by the inspiring core of values enshrined in our program title's acronym: Self-Determination, Opportunity, Achievement, and Respect.

Since the opening of Skyridge High School in August 2016, we have focused on providing a truly remarkable experience for each student enrolled in our program. We believe in providing opportunities for all students to grow and succeed in the general curriculum, in independent living skills, and in areas of unique or special interest to them. We hope you will join us in our mission to deliver a world-class educational experience to the students of Skyridge High School.

Try this at home and see if your students can solve it!

We take our core values of Self-Determination, Opportunity, Achievement, and Respect seriously. Take a look at our vision projects and see if there is one you are able to assist with!

past activities

texas roadhouse

We had a wonderful experience at Texas Roadhouse. Students successfully ordered from a menu while staying within an allotted budget. Our administrators even stopped by to support us. This was one of the highlights of the year!


Thanks for all your support in making our trip to the Aquarium possible. Our students had a wonderful experience and completed writing assignments based on their visit. You can view your student's work on

gingerbread houses

Our gingerbread house activity was a great success! Students used graham crackers and various candies to practice math concepts such as similar and congruent shapes, as well as parallel and perpendicular lines.

thanksgivng service

Thank you for helping with our Thanksgiving Feast and service project for the Literacy Center. Thanks to you, both events were a great success! We can't say enough about the wonderful support we have received from everyone. We are grateful for YOU! Click here to see photos of these and other events.

Members of the original Skyridge Unified Soccer team.